Friday, 21 September 2012

jobs and frogs and phones and food (but not really any frogs)

So once again I'm at risk of redundancy, and this time I really think that I'll lose my job. On the 31st December - Happy New Year! Personally, I think I've been through enough this year and that the universe should give me a break but that's not the way it works. So I'm looking for an actual job, and I've discovered that I can do this with apps on my phone. Apps for jobs! What will they think of next? I've also signed up as a writer-for-hire on some websites. As of yet, no one has wanted to hire me but I'm going to crack on and keep trying. It's quite exciting to think that someone could want me to write their copy for them. Fingers crossed they do. I've also decided that I'm going to pitch some articles, freelance stylee. I'm really lucky and was able to speak to an actual freelancer who gave me some wonderful advice, so I'm mulling over a couple of ideas and should get them out there soon! Wouldn't it be nice to actually earn money from writing? Wouldn't managing my own time totally suit me and my pesky hospital visits? Yes and yes. I am going to give it a go. In other news, I'm having a new phone delivered today which is terribly exciting. I'm also having people over for tapas later, and I'm making it all myself. I've already made a mango/lemony-lime cheescake and a chocolate peppermint slice. Once I've blogged (and finished watching Top Chef) I'm going to make some salsa (not technically tapas I know, but hubby loves it and it's easy) and then I'm making meatballs and chicken skewers and chilli-garlic prawns and tortilla and sundried tomato and cheese parcels and grilled aubergine...nomnomnom. Laters x

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the bijou raconteur said...

What in the name of all that is holy is happening to my line breaks? Aaaarrrggggghhh!!