Wednesday, 14 July 2010

my life, for £15.13...

So the boyf and I are starting an ebay empire. Well, I say empire. We’re auctioning off all of our old tat and intend to pay the money off the credit card. At the moment, its just stuff we haven’t looked at for years. Stuff that we don’t actually need. Stuff we have two of. I’ll be honest, I’m a hoarder, but the excitement of selling this stuff, auction stylee, makes it that bit easier to be ruthless. And when you think of it, it’s a bit like free money. Which is always nice.

We started this venture last weekend and our current running total is £15.13. Not bad. We’ve set up a spreadsheet and are busy tracking postage fees, looking at what sells well, what we can get the most money from. He reckons board games are a good money maker (we currently don’t have any of these to sell. We picked up a pink scrabble set at the carboot sale the other week but we won’t be selling that. Its perfect, its scrabble, and its pink, for crying out loud).

Once he’s fully mobile again, we’re going to go back to the carboot sale and buy things to sell on. I’ve suggested we do it like Bargain Hunt. Each have £10, buy lots of lovely things and then see who makes the most when we list them. As he keeps telling me, we have to speculate to accumulate, and one day, one day, we will find that antique silver horse-shoe shaped cigarette holder that makes our fortune. Of that I am perfectly sure.

Until that day comes, we will continue to sell our cds, dvds, bric-a-brac and clothes that no longer fit, and one day in about 6 months time, we will come home to find that all we have left are two deck chairs, the tv, the wii, pink scrabble, about 400 books and nothing else but tumbleweeds blowing round our empty flat.

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