Sunday, 11 July 2010

exactly the look I was going for

yesterday I went to my writing group - we have two groups, one in the main library for writing new stuff and one in the lovely Lit and Phil for reading stuff. yesterday was the reading group and I read the story I'm writing on the theme of "departures" which I intend to send to Mslexia in September. naturally, its a sad story. what can I say? I think misery is far more interesting. anyway, when I'd finished, Rowan told me that it was heart-wrenching and said that it made her want to go home and hug her children. and that, my friends, is exactly the look I was going for. it made me feel really warm inside. now I just need to write the other half of it, edit it, and get it off in time.

in other news, the boyf has broken his ankle. again. not the same ankle he did last time. the other one. how did he do it? walking. just walking over the bridge at Tynemouth whilst we were at the market. I've re-named him Mr Glass-Ankles...anyway, I'm going to have to leave it there because he's decided to play the Prodigy really, really loudly next to me, and he keeps talking at me, and poking me with his crutch, and I can't concentrate so I'm going to go and wash up instead.

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Cally Johnson-Isaacs said...

Hahahahaaha mr glass-ankles!!!