Thursday, 18 March 2010

National Helen Day

tomorrow is National Helen Day and I am oh so very excited. National Helen Day is a day when Helen's have fun, and they traditionally happen about four times a year. National Helen Days can last anywhere from a few hours, to a few days. anything and nothing can happen during a National Helen Day. most National Helen Days involve presents. past National Helen Days have involved whole series of CSI or Heroes. this National Helen Day, I am introducing Helen to the delights of Medium. National Helen Days can often involve making things, like trees made of wire, or teddy bear keyrings out of leather and felt. some National Helen Days involve Bingo! or Japanese food. I love National Helen Days.

so if you're a Helen, whether you have another Helen to enjoy your holiday weekend with or not, make sure you do something fabulous.

Viva La Helen!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Bijou- have you made this all up? - I have a Helen in my name so feel a need to party

the bijou raconteur said...

National Helen Day was established in 1996 when Helen and Helen first met in the Bishop Auckland branch of McDonalds. Big Helen was already employed and ironing her uniform whilst Little Helen was having her induction in the staff room. They were then put next to each other on the tills and so a friendship to transcend the ages was born. National Helen Days happen whenever the Helens get together. To give you a small insight into Heleny fuin, historically NHD's have included numerous trips to the Metro Centre singing Lou Bega's Mambo Niumber Five in Old Bob on the way there, day trips to High Force and at least 6 whole series of CSI. NHDs have taken place in countries as far apart as Lithuania and Australia. This evening, the Helens have mostly indulged in red wine, vodka and red bull and Just Dance.

If you are a Helen and would lilke to join in with National Helen Day Celebrations, and perhaps share the joy of your own National Helen Day, please join our facebook group.

If you're not a Helen, and you feel sad (as you would), well you can become an honourary Helen and support the Helen in your life...but you can't join the group. That's for official Helens only we're afraid...