Tuesday, 5 January 2010

ooh! not long now...

So, today I phoned Mslexia, stalker-stylee, to find out when the January issue will be published and they said that it will be within the next day or two.

So then I asked, so if I have that delivered, does that mean I will receive it within the next week? And they said YES!!!

Eeeeeeek!!!!!! I am beyond excited!!! But I am also really quite nervous. What if they haven’t published it? What if they spell my name incorrectly? What if the author (author – eeeek!!!) blurb bit makes me sound like an idiot? What if…what if…blah blah blah, aaaarrrgggghhh!!!!

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cally jane studio said...

Eeeeeeee!! Congratulations lady!!!! xxx