Sunday, 26 September 2010

to leave, or not to leave...that is the question

this blog post is currently under construction

imagine builders, hard hats, drills and scaffolding and stuff. got it? good


Anonymous said...

I recognise your 2nd point- I found myself feeling that I couldn't say anything which might be taken as 'not nice' at my writing class and I'd run out of stimulus too- so, with regret, I left. I miss the people there and haven't found anything to replace it... I even looked for vegetarian cooking which is nothing like creative writing! I may be forced to go to Keep Fit or Swahili as I need a nightclass to stop me descending into mental inertia. But supposing I meet an irritating Bob there?!

Michelle said...

You're always welcome to share writing and get comments + feedback at Winning Words. It's small and friendly, and we need more members to get a good forum going!