Wednesday, 7 April 2010

this is awesome

my new favourite song...

and check this out too, I would really like to be friends with these people!

I think I'm going to see if Cal fancies starting some sort of maverick interpretive dance group and taking it onto the streets of Newcastle...hmmmm...naturally, I'm supposed to be writing now. I'm finishing my story for the Biscuit competition. I'm not pissing about on you tube, and I am not going to go and see if the Glastonbury line-up has been announced (keep your fingers crossed for Dolly Parton)

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cally jane studio said...

Hahahha lady!!! Oh! We live in the wrong country!! How cool are those guys!!! So kitsch and cute and utterly COOL.

Yaaay!! Let's start an interpretive dance group!! We may start out being slightly uncool but then we'd be so uncool that we would RULE!!! xxx